100% Authentic
No Artificial Additives
Cured & Smoked by Hand
American Style & Taste

Mr. Bacon is a specialty store that produces traditional additive-free, North American style bacon.   We specialize in using pork imported directly from Canada, cured carefully with domestic ingredients and smoked slowly with our special blend of woods.  A flavorful bacon that you cannot find anywhere this side of the pacific ocean!  We deliver an original bacon that is safely and slowly hand cured, lovingly smoked and brings completely original taste to everyone in Japan.
  • Safe & Additive Free

    All of our bacons are additive free. We use only natural ingredients sourced locally and from North America to bring you amazingly succulent and safe bacon.
  • Get Your Fix

    Each of our slabs of bacon is made with a custom cure of rich, sweet and deep North American flavors. Just like back home!  Extra smokey too!
  • Rank Up Your Cooking

    Bacon is the worlds super food. It goes with anything!  Add it to accent any dish. With our bacon, you can increase any recipes deliciousness by 10x!  Promise!